On Letting Go and Holding On


Love never dies, it only changes form.

As you may have noticed things have been a little silent on this blog. What happened?

Did we hit the lottery and embark on our sailing adventure without giving notice? Did we go on a dry spell, inspiration-wise? Did we run out of things to say?

Nothing of the above happened. And also, everything happened.

A Circular Economy: The End of Possession?

The other day I had the opportunity to visit a congress on the possibilities of a ‘circular economy’. I have to admit that I didn’t have the slightest clue of what a circular economy was, but it was the only workshop still open for participants. Honesty is the best policy.

Let me tell you: it was a treat for everyone interested in personal finance and saving the world.

For those of you as clueless as I was: it’s actually rather self-explanatory. In a circular economy products, buildings and appliances are fabricated without exploiting our natural resources any more and by producing as little waste as possible. It’s based on recycling and refurbishing, and for some reason I think it’s incredibly sexy.

The Best Financial Advice I Ever Received: YOLO (Yes, Really)

When I first started reading personal finance blogs, I noticed a clear pattern of habits that financially smart people have.

  • It’s bringing your own coffee on a trip and your own lunch to work.
  • It’s recycling stuff rather than buying new products.
  • It’s growing your own produce rather than buying it in the supermarket.
  • It’s cycling rather than driving a car.
  • It’s being conscious about the environment and your consumer behaviour.

When I noticed this pattern I instantly realized: I know these people in my life. I already thought they were savvy and at times even funny (when collecting stuff out of a dumpster for example), but never suspected that becoming financially independent had anything to do with it.

Oh, the Terrible Frugal Life

Living your life in a frugal way is definitely not a breeze.

Sure, you have your higher life goals and all, but it takes dedication, effort and sacrifice to save all those bucks.

You’ll feel deprived, alone, look like shit and smell of ramen.



That Time We Celebrated Our Net Worth of Zero

If the secret to being happy is to learn how to appreciate the small things, then I’ve got something for you. How about being happy with absolutely nothing? As in: zero?

Truth of the matter is, zero in this case doesn’t mean nothing at all. It’s a major milestone for us, and one I never dreamed of achieving at this point. As from last week, our net worth is estimated at zero rather than tens of thousands in the negative. So it’s a zero that means the world to me.

Guest Post: Needs vs Wants


I’m proud to present you with the first guest post ever on From Cost To Coast!

We have a special visit from John Ryan who has his own blog over at Moneytimeblog.com, where he writes on virtually every money-related topic. From investing to financial independence, from frugal living to real estate, John knows his stuff.

So without any further ado, enjoy!