That Time We Celebrated Our Net Worth of Zero

If the secret to being happy is to learn how to appreciate the small things, then I’ve got something for you. How about being happy with absolutely nothing? As in: zero?

Truth of the matter is, zero in this case doesn’t mean nothing at all. It’s a major milestone for us, and one I never dreamed of achieving at this point. As from last week, our net worth is estimated at zero rather than tens of thousands in the negative. So it’s a zero that means the world to me.

Guest Post: Needs vs Wants


I’m proud to present you with the first guest post ever on From Cost To Coast!

We have a special visit from John Ryan who has his own blog over at, where he writes on virtually every money-related topic. From investing to financial independence, from frugal living to real estate, John knows his stuff.

So without any further ado, enjoy!

The Power of Giving It a Shot

Last week I read some awesome advice on a wonderful blog called Money Can Buy Me Happiness:

If you don’t know how to do something, say Yes, then learn how

It was on of the shorter advices taken from that specific post, but it really struck a chord with me. This is so incredibly true, and something I’m still learning every day.

Free Investing Advice – Lifelong Returns Guaranteed!

What would you do… if I were to tell you… that I knew about some investments that will provide you with enormous returns, no strings attached and guaranteed?

That these investments would cost you hardly anything but are worth their metaphorical weight in gold?

You would probably tell me to shove it where the sun don’t shine, because that’s the sort of people you are. You are smart and hard to be fooled, but above all you are your own damn experts.

But trust me on this one. When it comes to great revenue for little monetary input, I know my stuff. I will tell you all about the investments I made (or didn’t make but wish I did) when we hardly had the money to change a broken lightbulb.

Investments that you may have overlooked but that are always worth it, because no matter how rough the going gets, they will pay off.

Shocking Discovery: We Are the Joneses

‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ is a surefire way to get yourself screwed over in life, and more specifically in your finances.

They are the people you hate, but spend an awful amount of money on to impress them. Money you don’t have so you have to take out a loan, to make matters worse.

That’s how the Joneses are most commonly described, and it doesn’t actually make you like them very much.

So here’s a funny twist: I just realized a little while ago that we are in fact the Joneses. How did that happen?

Experiment: Can Anyone Become A Morning Person?

The interwebz seems to be all about mornings these days. You’re definitely not one of the cool kids if you don’t get up at half past four, run a few miles, practice yoga, meditate, learn a new language and write 5000 words while sipping your homemade organic coffee. All before rest of society wakes up and leaves for work, obviously.